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Marble Machines
Brand new machine!  Release date 2 march 2016
About: Latest 3D printed marble machine. One elevator, four tracks Printable without any support Takes 9.5mm (3/8” inch) steel ball bearings     
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Machine #2
Machine #3
Machine #4
Machine #5
The 3D printed Marble Machine #3
Machine #1
Tulio Laanen All my life I have been facinated by learning new things. Many interests developed from there. One of those interests has led to designing 3D Printed Marble Machines. Its a combination between my interest in science, design and mechanics. Currently studying Art&design at Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts in Tilburg - The Netherlands, were I develop my way of thinking as well as my technical skills. Always keen to learn new things.
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The 3D printed Marble Machine #2
About: Second 3D printed machine, Focused more on design, while still printable without any supports on FDM-Printers Takes 9.5mm (3/8” inch) steel ball bearings     
Music by Tulio Laanen
Print it yourself:  Thingiverse: MyMiniFactory:
Print it yourself:
A 3D printed Marble Machine
About: First 3D printed marble machine. Proof of concept for a printable marble machine without any supports. 8 pieces total Takes 3.157 mm (1/8” inch) steel ball bearings     
Music by Danny Elfman - Breakfast Machine
Wooden Marble Machine #2
About: second wooden machine,  Wood In combination with steel wire     
Wooden Marble Machine #1
About First wooden marble machine Made for fun     
Still under construction!